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Home Bargains’ Salt And Chilli Pepper Seasoning Is ‘Just Like A Takeaway’



Every now and again, a new product comes along that absolutely revolutionises the way we enjoy food, and Home Bargains has released just that product.

If you’re like me, then you’ll pray that your favourite Chinese is open just so that you can stick to your favourite salt and pepper flavoured menu item, and almost freak out if you have to go somewhere else. Is it going to taste the same? Will it be just the right level of spice?

Well now, you can actually save yourself some pennies by heading over to Home Bargains, as you can now buy Salt and Pepper Chilli Seasoning for just £1.19. Better yet, HB recently confirmed to The Sun in an interview that they’re making sure the spice is in stores nationwide!

People have already been confirming to others about how they tried their seasoning, with one user in particular sharing: “I just used these, chopped some spring onion, red onion, mushrooms and red chilli’s and fried it all together with garlic oil then sprinkled the seasoning over! Easy peasy!”

Credit: Facebook

An excited user replied: “I made salt and pepper chips with it last night. Was absolutely delicious! I recommend it.”

Another commented: “I have done this on chips didn’t think to put on chicken…. looking forward to doing this.”

One person was struggling to find the seasoning though, writing: “I’ve tried to get this but it’s always out of stock, I phoned Home Bargains today and was advised to phone first thing Saturday morning and ask them to put it by for me, I live 25 mins from the store so don’t want to keep chancing it!”

[Featured Image Credit: Facebook]

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