Home And Away Could Be Facing The Axe

After 31 years, it could all be over.


After 31 years on television, Home and Away may finally be facing the chop.

According to The Mirror, the long-running soap has faced some challenges of late, with ratings slumping thanks to a lot of new reality TV shows taking the majority of the views.

In Australia, Channel Seven shows the soap at 7pm their time, while in the UK it is hosted on Channel 5 and is on at 1:15pm and 6pm.

Channel 5

Sources have blamed the ‘late time slot’, as well as the reality shows, such as Married At First Sight. The channel is reportedly ‘under pressure’ regarding the soap, and could decide to pull Home & Away completely.

On Monday night, Seven News drew in 1.115 million viewers at 6:30pm. After Home & Away came on, it plummeted to 661,000 people watching.

TV Blackbox reported that around 454,000 viewers decided to change channels after the news.

Featured image credit: Channel 5

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