Ho Ho Whoah: Rick and Morty Might Have A Christmas Special This Year

Messenger Squanch the halls with boughs of holly, is Rick and Morty about to get its own seasonal showstopper? …read more


Squanch the halls with boughs of holly, is Rick and Morty about to get its own seasonal showstopper? With Chilling Adventures of Sabrina surprising everyone with a Christmas special, Adult Swim’s madcap cartoon could be the latest show to cash in on the holiday hype.

There’s an interdimensional-sized hole left in our hearts since Rick and Morty bowed out its third season in October 2017. Considering the show premiered back in 2013, creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon aren’t exactly quick and churning our the cartoon caper. Thankfully, a new theory hints that Season 4 could be just around the Multiverse.

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Rick and Morty fans will remember that Season 3 dropped a surprise premiere on April Fool’s Day, and now, a missed line from the season finale could hold the key to the show’s return. Season 3’s “The Rickchurian Mortydate” came with a post-credits scene that featured the fan-favourite Mr. Poopybutthole and a picturesque family scene.

Like a Marvel Cinematic Universe tease, Mr. Poopybutthole broke the fourth wall and told the audience, “See ya for season four in like … a really long time! I might even have a big, white Santa Claus beard!” We’d almost forgotten about the cryptic message thanks to Rick and Morty‘s growing gap between seasons, but there is something about the reference to St. Nick that stuck out.

It may seem nothing more than some wild ramblings like Rick Sanchez himself, but remember that Mr. Poopybutthole has a knack for predicting the future. At the end of Season 2, Mr. PB was revealed to be alive and well — after being shot by Beth — and teased us all with the promise,  “Tune into Rick and Morty season 3, in like, a year and a half – or longer!” Funnily enough, a year and a half later (1 April) is when the madcap duo returned to our screens.

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I’m imagining Evil Morty in some sort of A Christmas Carol-inspired night where he is visited by the ghosts of Squanchy, Birdperson, and King Jellybean. What about a retelling of It’s a Wonderful Life where we’re left to picutre a world where Rick Sanchez wasn’t there to save the day? Or what about a Pickle Rick sequel where he goes all Die Hard and saves the Smith family from Nakatomi Plaza? Yes, it’s official, Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Whether Rick and Morty is going to wrap the perfect present with a Christmas special remains to be seen, but with a whopping 70 episodes of the show pre-ordered by Adult Swim, there could still be a bit of a wait before Season 4’s full release. All that’s left to say is “SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!”

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