Here’s How Much Money KSI And Logan Paul Made From Their Fight


Whatever your opinion on the KSI and Logan Paul fight the pair turned the questionable event into an undoubted commercial success.

With 18,000 fans packing into the Manchester arena, nearly one million paying to watch the fight on YouTube and an estimated one million more streaming the event illegally.

Obviously with so many people watching on, the YouTubers were bound to make a fairly substantial amount and now we’re beginning to get an idea of just how big their earnings could be.

Whilst no official statistics have been released, early estimations suggest that both fighters walked away with as much as $11 million after splitting the purse 50/50.

Not bad for a pair with little to no boxing experience between them both.

The matchup wound up finishing a majority draw. KSI was given a 58-57 win by one judge; the other two scoring it as a 57-57 draw, leading to both fighters declaring their intent for a rematch / another huge payday.

Both KSI and Logan’s younger siblings, Deji and Jake faced off in the undercard with Jake taking the victory by TKO.

After the fight Jake used his post fight interview to call out Chris Brown as the evening took another bizarre twist.

Brad Lengden
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