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The Harry Potter that Was Written By A Robot Now Has a Strange Video To Go With It


You may have seen the slightly odd addition to the Harry Potter books which was actually written by a robot. It is called Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked like a Large Pile of Ash and caused a stir when it was released earlier in the year. With some incredible moments such as Dumbledore declare a pulsating pig to be the new Hagrid and Harry dunking Hermione in some hot sauce. What could be better? Well this video might make you love it even more. Warning, it is definitely one of the stranger videos you will see today.

The story was created by using predictive keyboards and a whole lot of Harry Potter. The software scanned all the books and decided what was best to say next from what it had learned from the scanning of the books. This makes for some hilarious but incredible odd moments in the excerpt and now the video.

The animation only adds to the hilarity of the situation. Bringing the wonderful world of Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked like a Large Pile of Ash to life in crudely drawn form. If you haven’t read it then don’t worry the video is even funnier than anything you will see today.

I personally would love to see a whole hour long film done this way. Both written by the bot and then animated in the same bizarre but incredibly funny style. Which film would you like to see animated in this style? Let us know!

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