Harry Potter Fans Are Already Crying Over The New Wizards Unite Game

It became available for download today.


Harry Potter fans were thrilled when they found out that a PokΓ©mon GO style game based on the Wizarding World was on its way. However, it seems like a few are not particularly happy after downloading it.

Since the announcement of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in 2017, wizards and Muggles alike have been waiting for the mobile game to apparate into our lives. Now, there’s a Dark Mark in the sky as Niantic has finally released Wizards Unite.

Those who live in small villages are having a bit of a nightmare with the game, as they have been complaining that they can’t get anything in their remote locations. Also, people in certain countries or with certain mobiles can’t access the game.

Others are crying out of happiness as they’re so excited about a new Harry Potter game.

While it might seem like a β€œriddikulus” idea to think anything could top the runaway success of Niantic’s Pokemon GO, the mobile gaming giant is trying to do that with its ownΒ Harry Potter-inspired version.

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