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Hackers Reveal How To Get Free Burgers At McDonald’s

Got (a lot of) buns hun?

McDonald's Free Burger

The burger gods are shining down on us as some crafty hackers have figured out how you can trick McDonald’s self-service machines into spitting out free burgers. That’s right, you won’t have to dip into your pockets for a single penny.

If those Golden Arches are your choice of fast food outlet, you can now pick up a free beef burger courtesy of Ronald McDonald — well, if you live in Australia.

The two-minute video appeared on YouTube and has already picked up a mouth-watering 1.1 million views. The life-changing hack gets foodies one free burger and 10 sauce/veg-covered buns. It might sounds like a bit of a faff, but a free burger is a free burger.

Unless you’re from Australia, it might sound a little weird to hear it being called “Maccas”, but they probably think us Brits are mental for calling it “Maccies”. So, here’s how it works. The burger burglars explain how they’ve ordered 11 $1 burgers.

Choosing to have the burgers without a patty leads to a $1.10 discount (per burger). Opting to remove the meat from 10 of the burgers equals an $11 saving. The boys have effectively cancelled out their need for payment.

Some of you might be thinking “that’ll never work”, but as their receipt shows, the bill comes to $0 and they end up with a bag full of buns and a piping-hot burger for free.

The video obviously started doing the rounds on Reddit, with Maccies fans suitably impressed by these real-life Hamburglars. One person questioned why you would reveal this magic trick and ruin the run for everyone: “But why would you tell… THE ENTIRE WORLD?”

Krusty Burger The Simpsons
20th Century Fox

Someone else wrote, “That pattyless burger is the most depressing meal I’ve ever seen” while another mused, “I’m not sure I’d pay -$0.10 for it”. The thread was full of handy hacks, with one brave redditor even claiming they once got 10 free milkshakes!

With discounts varying around the world and from location to location, it’s unclear whether the hack would work elsewhere or if it’s just confined to Australia. Also, now that the loophole is exposed, I don’t think it will be long before Ronald stops all this clowning around!

Next time you’re with a hungry vegan or want to feed the local birds while sunning yourself down under, why not try the scheme?

[Featured Image: 20th Century Fox/McDonald’s Instagram]

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