This Guy Ate 3 Detergent Pods and Has Done Some Serious Damage


The biggest meme trend of 2018 so far is to eat tide pods. No, we are not joking it is to literally eat detergent pods which very clearly say on the packet not to eat them. So why are people eating them? We aren’t sure to be entirely honest with you. However if you ever feel the urge to join in with this particularly dangerous trend then please reconsider. Eating these detergent pods can cause serious harm.

In the first couple weeks of January, there were nearly 40 cases of teenagers biting into the laundry detergent pods. Comparing this to 2017 where there was only 53 cases throughout the whole year.

Even more worrying than that is the fact that the week after, there were over 85 cases reported for 13 to 19-year-olds. Why are people still doing this? Don’t they know it can kill them?

After putting three pods in his mouth, he felt a slight burning sensation waft up into his nose. Huddled over the sink, JR was prepared to spit out the detergent as soon as he started biting.

But as soon as he chewed down on the pods, biting into the vinyl plastic, laundry detergent poured into his mouth. He was suddenly overcome by a severe burning and numbing sensation on his tongue.

JR began coughing and retching and detergent began to seep down into his throat.

Fortunately JR was able to make a full recovery from his tide pod related injuries but without immediate medical attention he might have lost his life.

It truly is a sorry state of affairs that we need to bring this to peoples attention. It seems like 2018 might be a particularly strange year. Even though it has started off with such a dangerous trend I hope there are some more enjoyable ones to come.

In case you were in any doubt: Please do not eat Tide Pods or any other form for detergent/soap. They are poisonous!