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Gü Has Released A Chocolate And Salted Caramel Spread



Hazelnut & Chocolate Crunchy Spread – £2

The first one is hazelnut cocoa spread with roasted hazelnut pieces. And wow, just give me a spoon.

One customer wrote: “I couldn’t believe when I have tried it. The taste is absolutely delicious, the texture perfect to spread over your bread or pancake. For me it was very important that it’s palm oil free, what is not so common nowadays, as we always read labels and avoid products which consist this oil. I am afraid to give it to my kids to try as it will be gone at no time…”

Another added: “I was keen to try this because it’s palm oil free and we all love it, including my 10-year-old. The chopped nuts sit on top of the spread, which was a surprise on opening but sort of fun. It’s darker than other brands we’ve tried, and spreads easily so can have a thin coating if preferred.”

Hazelnut & Chocolate Velvety Spread – £2

The second is a smooth version of the above.

One reviewer said: “Seriously delicious! The only chocolate and hazelnut spread I buy. Plus it doesnt contain palm oil unlike other brands. Keep it in the cupboard and it it the perfect consistency for spreading.”

Another added: “This was absolutely filthy in the best possible way. Sooo nutty and chocolatey, smooth and delicious. Not quite as thick as Nutella so easier to spread. This is Nutella for grown ups and Ill be buying it regularly from now on.”

The third and final is…

Chocolate & Salted Caramel Velvety Spread – £2

Wow. I need this.

One person said: “This is wonderful, with an amazing texture and just delicious. So glad I’ve found a palm oil free alternative to Nutella that is this nice, much better than Nutella in fact and this salted caramel version is a real treat.”

Another added: “This is dangerously good. Great balance of flavours and really chocolatey! I want to frost mini cupcakes with this but so far I’ve only eaten it with a spoon!”

They’re in stores now!

Featured image credit: Gü

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