Gotham Finally Unveils Cameron Monaghan’s Terrifying Version Of The Joker

He’s putting a smile on all our faces

Monaghan Joker Gotham

Shameless star Cameron Monaghan is getting the last laugh as he shows off his final form of Gotham‘s Joker. The Batman prequel series is about to come to an end and round off Fox’s acclaimed show in style.

Fans are already warned there might be a bit of a time jump as David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne will finally transform into the Dark Knight we’ve come to recognise over the years.

Posting on Instagram, Monaghan shared a close-up look of his horrifically scarred Joker alongside the caption “#Gotham. Two weeks.” We’ve already seen what the 25-year-old will look like as the Clown Prince of Crime, but Monaghan is giving us a better look at the chilling clown.

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Boo. #Gotham Two weeks.

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Complete with pitted skin and ragged remnants of green hair, it looks like Jeremiah Valeska’s dip at Ace Chemicals has taken its toll. There are definitely aspects that channel the green and purple Joker from the comics, but it’s clear that Gotham is going for something a little more extreme to what we’ve previously seen in live-action form.

Since joining Gotham in its very first season, audiences have seen Monaghan play a variety of different roles and slowly morph into Batman’s archenemy. As well as seeing the famous ‘stapled Joker face’ from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman run, we’ve witnessed the classic bleached skin look and even a nod to Jack Nicholson’s Mr. J from Tim Burton’s Batman.

Cameron Monaghan Joker

Now, as Gotham heads to the final furlong, the show is giving us one of the most terrifying Joker interpretations of all time. Although the show STILL refuses to acknowledge Monaghan as the Joker, it’s clear that showrunners are leaning toward the famous DC Comics villain.

Premiering on April 25, the Gotham finale is titled “The Beginning…” and will reportedly pick up the story of the city’s crime-riddled streets a decade into the future. As well as an adult Bruce taking on the mantle as Gotham’s masked saviour, we’re probably going to see Catwoman crack her whip and Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon sporting a bushy moustache as the GCPD’s commissioner.

[Featured Image: Fox/DC Comics]

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