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Gordons Launches Sicilian Lemon Flavoured Gin

Summer drink alert!


Gin lovers, Gordons has launched a new Sicilian Lemon flavoured spirit that is bound to change up your pre-drink game.

Gordons is normally priced at £14 in shops, so it’s likely that the new flavour will retail for a similar price.

 Gordon's new gin flavour has excited its fans

Shoppers are already excited about the company’s new offering, one in particular took to social media to say: “This sounds lovely and will be perfect for when the better weather arrives too.”

Another added: “Gordon’s about to launch Sicilian lemon gin. Definitely picking this up. It doesn’t matter if I don’t need it.”

It has no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours and gains its bright colour from the lemons used.

Summer drinking will definitely be made easier by the selection of exciting alcoholic beverages that are landing in stores in 2020, and the latest is a great shout if you’re a fan of Rosé and cider.

Available for £1.50 for 500ml – or in packs of four for £5.25 and 10 for £12 – the cider is now available in ASDA and Morrisons. ASDA is also selling the cans for just £1.

The drink is also expected to hit Tesco and Sainsbury’s in April, although the exact date has yet to be announced.

If rosé isn’t your thing, then Strongbow has also brought out a delicious pink apple cider, and that’s bound to go down a treat.

Strongbow is also selling a 'rose apple' bottled version (Credit: Strongbow/Instagram)
Instagram / Strongbow

While it’s already been available to buy in stores for a while now, shoppers seem to be getting very excited about the fact you can currently get your hands on a big bottle of parma violet-flavoured Lambrini for just £2.50

If you live in the UK, chances are you spent a cold winter night chugging Lambrini in a local park and listening to Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi”.

Last year, the rumour mill went into overdrive that Lambrini was rolling out a brand new flavour to join staples like the classic sparkling wine, a low-calorie version, strawberry, and cherry.

One fan tweeted a picture of Parma Violet Lambrini — which was soon confirmed by the official Lambrini Twitter.

Born in 1994 — the same year as Friends and the Spice Girls according to the Lambrini site — Lambirni is “Britain’s number one wine-style drink” and is as popular as ever. Brewed and bottled in the UK, Lambrini is up there with the likes of Babycham and Strongbow when you think of ‘classic’ British beverages.

Parma Violet Lambrini is currently only available in Morrisons and is normally priced at £3.25 a bottle. I’m not really sure why everyone is obsessed with Parma Violet-flavoured drinks. Don’t lynch me, but I’m personally not a fan.

As well as Parma Violet gin stocking the shelves of supermarkets everywhere, Tesco is now selling Parma Violet Rekorderlig. The drink, which is gluten free AND vegan is blackberry and violet juniper flavour.

If you want to get ‘fizzy’ with it, you can head over to Tesco’s online website you can actually buy three bottles for just £5.25, which actually knocks down the price to make them less than £2. What an absolute bargain.

[Featured Image Credit: Gordons]

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