Gordon Ramsay Debuts Drag Alter-Ego In New Kitchen Nightmares Series

Meet Libby Lou!


Gordon Ramsay looks completely unrecognisable in his new series for Kitchen Nightmares, after he chose to go undercover as a woman.

The celebrity chef donned a blonde wig and makeup for his upcoming series of 24 Hours To Hell And Back, which is a spin-off of his popular Kitchen Nightmares series.

Gordon transformed into his alter-ego Libby Lou, and is seen mingling with the other customers in the restaurant until he removes the wig to reveal his true identity.

Discussing in a video that was uploaded to his personal Instagram account advertising the episode, Gordon told the camera:

“This family-run restaurant is located in a very busy intersection yet they can’t get those customers to go through their door. I will be going undercover as a member if a weekly book club.

“Libby-Lou ready for a ladies’ lunch. Trust me, this one’s going to be a page-turner.’

Gordon Ramsay fans will be pleased to know the celebrity chef is bringing out a new show, and it’ll apparently be a beautiful mix of The Apprentice and Hell’s Kitchen all rolled into one.

Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars will see 12 contestants compete to win the chance for Ramsay to invest in their business. It won’t just be based around cooking, though – as contestants can pitch all different kinds of food-based products. The series will consist of eight episodes.

Sharing a casting call on Twitter, Ramsay said: “For those of you in the UK, I’ve got some very exciting news about a brand new series I will be doing with BBC One.

“Now, if you think you’ve got the next big, bold and exciting food or drink business idea, Studio Ramsay would like to hear from you. Why? Because I’m investing my time, my money to take the next product, app, food truck or something completely new to the next level.

“And you don’t even need to be a chef – your business may be in development; that’s how exciting this new series is.

“So, if you’re based in the UK and you have passion, drive and a very strong work ethic please register your interest at the email address right here.

“I can’t wait to see what you’ve got.”

Can’t wait to meet Libby Lou in the new series!

[Featured Image Credit: GordonGram Instagram]

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