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Google Earth Just Trolled Everyone With A Classic


Google Maps

Remember the circle game? The one where you make the shape with your hand and try and get your mate to look before punching their arm?

For a while you couldn’t leave the house without someone trying to get you with it.

Just when you thought it was safe, Google Earth has pulled an absolute scorcher of an effort out of the bag.

We can only imagine the quick-thinking guy must have spotted the Google car driving by and his first instinct was to troll absolutely everyone – something which I have nothing but respect for.

The discovery was shared on Twitter along with the caption “Can’t believe I’ve been done like this.”

The discovery has already been Retweeted nearly 5,000 times so that’s a long list of brand new victims for this guy.

While no one really knows where the circle game first originated from, it did appear in Malcom in the Middle nearly 20 years ago.

In the episode Malcom explains the rules, saying: “Basically if you can make the other guy look at your hand while doing this *does circle hand* below your waist, you get to hit them in the arm.”

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