Gogglebox Is Looking For New Stars To Watch Television And Get Paid

But there’s a catch!

Gogglebox Featured

If you have square eyes and want to get paid to watch television, Gogglebox is looking for new participants for its next series. The reality TV phenomenon is a strange concept — it basically people commenting on people watching TV…commenting on TV.

Since 2013, Gogglebox has been a part of Channel 4’s Friday night roster. Whether you’re a fan of the Tappers, Jenny and Lee, or the Siddiquis, Gogglebox has always had a colourful cast of TV-obsessed families to pick apart our weekly viewings.

When news that Gogglebox was recruiting started doing the rounds, people were obviously over the moon that they could join the show. However, there’s apparently a catch. Instead of just being able to apply online, the official Gogglebox Twitter gave the heartbreaking news that it’s not that simple.

That’s right, we were well and truly Fake News’ed and you won’t be selected by emailing the show. It didn’t take grumpy Goggleboxers long to express their dismay online. Mainly, people were miffed that they’d been mislead by news of applying.

Sorry guys, it looks like if you want to join Gogglebox, you’ll have to head out onto the street and hope you cross paths with the scouting team.

Still, there’s a chance you could be sat on the sofa in front of millions and could be the next Scarlett Moffatt. Good luck my square-eyed friends.

[Featured Image: Channel 4]

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