Glitter Crocs Exist And They Are All Kinds Of Beautiful



Crocs seem to be getting a bit of a cult following at the moment, and more and more versions of the shoe are coming out.

The most recent of which are these ‘glitter Crocs’, and they are pretty bloody gorgeous if you ask me.


You can pick up a pair in a range of colours on the Etsy shop by Princess Pumps.

There’s pink, red, purple and yellow to choose from, with rainbow, camouflage and white bridal version as well.


The website says: “Looking for unbeatable comfort with a hint of sparkle?

“Enjoy these flashy crystal sequin Crocs at home or work! You won’t find these in stores!”


If they don’t tickle your pickle, how about some goth Crocs?


These ‘Goth Crocs’, or ‘Punk Crocs’ as they’ve been named, are currently available at Etsy, for a very reasonable £190.60 ($248.62) by US store Heavy Cream.

The incredible shoes, made by Instagrammers@garbage_b0y and @lhommeboy, feature nickel-plated spikes and stainless steel chains.

Not only that, but you can even make them MORE goth by buying an extra chain that attaches to your trousers.

The product description on the Etsy listing says: “Punk spike crocs to make your feet into the final form rare Pokémon they were meant to be. (PATENT PENDING),

“Made by @garbage_b0y (instagram) and sold by HEAVY CREAM. The spikes are nickel plated and the chain is high sheen stainless steel. Unisex, if you’re unsure about size add it as a note to seller.

“Add-on: chain that runs from hinge to belt loop on pant leg as shown in pictures. (This is not the chain on the side of the shoe.)”


How incredible are they?!

If that’s not your kind of thing, you can also get Croc bags.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years since Crocs first stepped out onto the scene. Those holy (holey) shoes offered comfortable footwear that is durable and wipe clean. However, chances are that unless you’re a nurse or a chef, Crocs are probably your idea of shoe hell.

Now, Crocs are back and snapping at the heels of fashion houses around the world with a crossbody bag to hold your valuables.

In a strange union with LA label Pizzaslime, you can now get your hands/feet on a Crocs crossbody bag. The footbed has been ingeniously replaced with a zipper, while the outside has been adorned with kitsch charms. If you’re already sold, check them out in all their Crocs glory below.

Posting on Instagram, Pizzaslime wrote, “The official Pizzaslime x @Crocs collab REVEALED!  So… we went waaaaay outside of the box for this one and turned a Croc into a functional and quality made cross body bag.”

If you think someone would have to pay you to buy one of these fashion-forward creations, you’d be dead wrong. The crossbody bag is actually a limited edition run that will cost $300. Available in either black or yellow, the Crocs crossbody bag is sure to run off shelves before fans can even tie a pair of laces.

It may seem like an out-there purchase, but with only 25 of each colour available, there are sure to be enough hipsters willing to part with their cash to pick up a pair. I’ve just checked, and while there are still some online, you’d better hurry.

This isn’t the first time the humble Croc has been given a facelift. You might have read the story about diamond-encrusted Crocs or remember the platform version Demna Gvasalia brought to the runway for Balenciaga’s SS18 show.

While some fashionistas seem determined to reinvent the image of Crocs, I’m not convinced it can be done. That being said, popper pants are back in fashion, so who knows?

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