Girl Accused Of ‘Stealing’ Someone’s Boyfriend After Posting Shot Of Her Legs

Watch out Kieran!

Selina Azam

It seems that you can’t do anything these days without being accused of stealing someone’s boyfriend. In another serious case of WTF, one girl has been dragged through the mud after posting a seemingly innocent picture of her legs.

According to The Sun, Newcastle-based Selina Azam shared a picture of her legs intertwined with boyfriend, Bradley. It all seemed pretty innocent until an irate girl slid into Selina’s DMs.

Selina shared the bizarre exchange on Twitter and wrote: “Instantly regretting putting a photo of mine and Bradley’s legs on my Snapchat story…”

While she keeps the woman’s identity anonymous, Selina explains what went down. Although Selina was minding her business, the woman messaged her and said “How do you know Kieran Stephens like?”

It got more heated when she challenged Selina to a fight and continued to badger her. Selina responded, “I don’t know who he is.”

Still not buying it, the woman fired back: “If you don’t know who he is, how do ya know his name?

“Hahahahaha funny though he follows your Instagram and likes your photos.

“Explain that then Mrs I don’t know who Kieran Stephens is.”

Taking it to the extreme, Selina was shocked when the woman replied, “You’re a little s*** who’s got your legs on my f***ing boyfriend so you can meet me for a fight you c***.”

Selina questioned why the woman is with her boyfriend if she needs to question his loyalties. Although there was a brief change of heart, it didn’t last long. The woman wrote: “Look babe i’m just sick of all the s*** he’s putting me through, constantly calling me names and liking girls’ photos.

“It makes me insecure and depressed. Sorry for coming across like a b****.”

Snapchat stock photo

However, it ended with her (again) accusing Selina of trying to get with Kieran. Selina’s followers managed to see the funny side of it, but were generally baffled at how it played out.

One hilariously wrote, “To be fair I also have a pair of legs…they could be mine.” Another chuckled, “What bird looks at legs n goes ‘aye they’re 100% Kieran’s legs?”

Whoever Kieran is, chances are he’s in some pretty hot water right now.

[Featured Image: Selina Azam Facebook/Selina Azam Twitter]

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