Gears of War Creator Reveals Plans For His Scrapped Alien Game

In video games, no one can hear you scream

Aliens Game

Get away from that franchise, you b*tch. Well, that’s what Disney said to Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski when he started work on an Alien game that would’ve retconned David Fincher’s divisive Alien 3.

While Bleszinski is known for the (now defunct) Boss Key Productions, it turns out he could’ve turned his hand to the wide world of Xenomorphs and facehuggers to tell the story of the fan-favourite Newt. While Newt met her maker between the events of Aliens and Alien 3, CliffyB had grand plans to give her a new lease of life.

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20th Century Fox

Posting on Twitter, Bleszinski confirmed he’d been working on an Alien game that focussed on Newt, “drawing heavily from the Dark Horse comics”.

The game was going to follow adult Newt and feature Ellen Ripley in an AI role similar to Cortana from the Halo series. There wouldn’t be a likeness of Lance Henriksen’s Bishop, but a new android called Casey — as a nod to newt’s dolly from Aliens.

The untitled game would’ve been an atmospheric first-person shooter that took place on Earth as the Weyland-Yutani Corporation (once again) tried to weaponise the Xenos in a Black Mesa-style facility. Bleszinski reiterated that he’d only work on his own IPs, with the exception of Alien and Transformers.

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