Game of Thrones Star Drops Massive Hint Bronn Is Going To Die In Season 8

He better get that castle!

There are sure to be a whole host of major casualties in Game of Thrones, but now, Jerome Flynn has hinted that Bronn won’t be making it out of the winter wonderland alive.

We’ve not seen Bronn since the Season 7 finale when he took Podrick off for a drink while the main players discussed White Walkers.

With Jaime Lannister hot-tailing it out of King’s Landing in the same episode, it’s currently unclear what Bronn is up to or whether he’ll be part of the massive Battle of Winterfell.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Flynn might’ve dropped a clanger and sealed Bronn’s death in the series. Discussing who he wished he’d had the chance to work with on HBO’s hit show, Flynn said: “I would have loved to have done stuff with Maisie Williams. There are all sorts of fantasies because you get paired up with people.”

Bronn Game of Thrones

So, Ser Bronn of the Blackwater definitely won’t be crossing paths with the spunky Stark girl in the final run of episodes. Of course, it could just mean Bronn stays put at King’s Landing while Arya battles in the wintery wilderness of the North.

I don’t think Arya is going anywhere, so it’s unlikely he’s hinting as her early departure from Season 8. That being said, let’s not count Bronn out just yet. King’s Landing is still pretty safe and is a fair way away from those abominable snowmen.

Still, Flynn added another nail to Bronn’s coffin when he admitted he isn’t a “major character:” and told the site: “I didn’t have that much (in season 8), as Bronn often doesn’t.”

Bronn Game of Thrones

Speaking about who else he’d liked to have worked with, Flynn admitted he’s disappointed he never got to cross swords with The Hound and Brienne of Tarth.

The savvy sellsword has always been in the background of Thrones and is usually paired with Tyrion or Jaime. As it stands, Bronn’s only goal is to get the castle Jaime promised him before their trip to Dorne.

It would be a typical Game of Thrones gut-punch to see Bronn to fall at the final hurdle and miss out on his fairytale ending.

[Featured Image: HBO]

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