Fully Immersive Real Life Monopoly Is Coming This Year



Monopoly usually comes out at Christmas, and you end up chucking the little plastic houses at your cousin Kevin because he’s a cheating b*stard. It’s a fool’s game, and we always end up playing it.

However, the game has now had a complete makeover as you can actually get immersive, baby.

The Hong Kong-based attraction allows players to walk through themed rooms, with interactive technology and holograms helping to create a Bank, Water Works, Electric Company, Train Station, Title Deeds and Chance cards. I want to go NOW.

If you get chucked in jail, there is actually a real-life cell.

Not only will you be playing normal Monopoly (but IRL), there’s also a ‘murder mystery-style’ thing going on, and you have to figure out who’s behind it.

Casey Collins, General Manager of Entertainment & Licensing at Hasbro, said: “Our exciting partnership with Monopoly Dreams allows Hasbro to further extend the reach of Monopoly to location based entertainment sector and provide families and tourists with wonderfully memorable and highly immersive entertainment experiences by stepping into the first, fully immersive Monopoly-themed entertainment attraction.”

Gary Chan, the Chief Operations Officer of Monopoly Dreams, added: “Having invested a significant amount of resources to design and create Monopoly Dreams, we highly treasure the establishment of this project. We target to accommodate over 700,000 visitors.

“Not only are we dedicated to bringing immersive interactive experience for all generations of local Hong Kong, we are also endeavoured to offer a new destination for tourists.”

It should be open later on this year.

All images credited to Monopoly Dreams

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