From camel talk to Bob Marley: Patrice Evra’s #MondayMotivation is lit


No one does Instagram better than Patrice Evra.

The former Manchester United defender was a hard nut to crack during his Old Trafford days but on Instagram, this Frenchman is all about entertainment. There’s never a dull post on Evra’s Insta account. From talking to camels to singing Bob Marley classics, this 36-year-old goes nuts on Instagram to entertain his fans, and boy, isn’t he doing a fabulous job!

The best Evra posts come on Monday mornings. Whatever may have happened over the weekend, the Marseille left-back takes it on himself to cure the Monday blues with his infectious laughter. Here are a few that will leave you in splits.

Chucky Halloween Special

Its almost one year since Evra showed his freaky side for a #MondayMotivation Halloween special!

Bob Marley

Smoking happiness like usual – that’s how Evra describes his Monday morning. Recently, Evra did his rendition of the Bob Marley classic ‘One love, one heart’. And he nailed it with the Rastafarian hat and Marley dreadlocks.

Take a good look at my face 

Evra did the Michael Jackson as well. He didn’t quite get into the costume but the denim-clad defender surely swayed to the tune of Michael Jackson with undeniable swag.

Help to the homeless 

Evra isn’t always high on life, he cares about others too. One such Monday, while taking a stroll around Marseille, he took his time out to help the homeless on the streets. Inspiring, for sure.

Puff Daddy of Senegal 

Evra is also an animal lover and he introduced the ‘Be a panda’ promotions with Puff Daddy. Dressed in a panda t-shirt and baseball cap, the ex-United player surely took SWAG MONDAY to a different level.

Touch of class x