Forgotten Scream Theory Says Dewey Riley Is Actually Ghostface

Are ‘Dew’ serious?

Dewey Ghostface

It’s time to reach for a Ghostface mask (and a tin foil hat) with the frankly bizarre theory that Dewey Riley is a mysterious third killer in Wes Craven’s Scream. The iconic 1996 slasher gave fans the shocking reveal that Billy Loomis and Stu Macher were BOTH the killers in a twist that literally no one saw coming.

Scream left a legacy that spanned until 2010’s Scream 4 and a franchise where you never quite knew what was going to happen. Now, we’re lifting the lid on a well-plotted theory that David Arquette’s bumbling Dewey Riley was the mastermind of Billy and Stu’s original bloodbath.

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Dimension Fims

Posting on Gorehound Mike, Mike Vaughn gives a thorough rundown on what makes Dewey potential Ghostface No.3. While some of it is just nonsense ramblings, there’s some pretty solid detective work that’s gone into this. Even Gale Weathers would be proud!

1. His convenient injuries

First off, Dewey suffers similar non-life threatening injuries to Stu and Billy. The blundering boys assume that if they give each other a number of shallow stab wounds, they won’t be implicated as Ghostface.

The credits roll as a wounded (but alive) Dewey escapes his brush with Ghostface. If you were a murderous mastermind, you don’t want to die in the midst of your own scheme…

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