Football Player Hits The Fortnite Celebration, Things Quickly Turn Awkward


Last night Aston Villa took on Yeovil Town in the Carabao Cup in what was always destined to be a relatively uninspiring affair.

For anyone unaware what the Carabao cup is, it’s essentially an English cup competition that no one really cares about outside of the lower leagues.

The game ended up finishing 1-0 to Villa, cementing what we said about the fixture being generally uninspiring.

However there was one glimmer of joy to come out of the match, courtesy of Diallang Jaiyesimi, who thought that he had put Yeovil Town into the lead in the 41st minute.

After tapping in from close range Jaiyesimi hit the ‘Take the L’ celebration from Fortnite that has crept into the game on more than one occasion when a player scores.

Only in all of the excitement of launching into his clearly pre-planned celebration, the goal had actually been disallowed for a foul in the build-up.

Obviously, things got very awkward, very quickly. Especially considering he had ran off to direct the celebration at the opposing fans.

Oh mate.

You have to imagine his teammates aren’t going to let the poor lad live this down for the foreseeable future.

And you know for a fact the people of Twitter were going to be even less forgiving.

At least the player himself saw the funny side of things though.

Brad Lengden
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