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Florida Woman Accused Of Urinating In Ice Cream Machine

$2,000 worth of ice cream was destroyed.


A woman from Florida has been accused of urinating in an ice cream machine.

Police arrested Jung Soon Wypcha, 66, from St. Petersburg, on suspicion of ruining an estimated $2,000 worth of ice cream. The shop was forced to close while the food was destroyed after they looked at the CCTV over a period of three days.

They suspect that Wypcha ruined the ice cream by spitting, urinating and picking her nose into containers, according to an arrest affidavit procured by

She was arrested on Monday and charged with criminal mischief and tampering with consumer products. Wypcha runs the Indian Shores Food Mart next door to the ice cream shop, and the two businesses share a bathroom. Lu Lu’s Ice Cream shop, owned by Paul Chiulli, was closed for four to five days due to public safety concerns.

The arrest affidavit says that ‘Wypcha used the bathroom with the door ajar five times and didn’t wash her hands afterward. Then she went to the organic ice cream freezer and put her hands into the ice cream containers’.

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