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Florida Woman Accused Of Urinating In Ice Cream Machine

$2,000 worth of ice cream was destroyed.


A woman from Florida has been accused of urinating in an ice cream machine.

Police arrested Jung Soon Wypcha, 66, from St. Petersburg, on suspicion of ruining an estimated $2,000 worth of ice cream. The shop was forced to close while the food was destroyed after they looked at the CCTV over a period of three days.

They suspect that Wypcha ruined the ice cream by spitting, urinating and picking her nose into containers, according to an arrest affidavit procured by

She was arrested on Monday and charged with criminal mischief and tampering with consumer products. Wypcha runs the Indian Shores Food Mart next door to the ice cream shop, and the two businesses share a bathroom. Lu Lu’s Ice Cream shop, owned by Paul Chiulli, was closed for four to five days due to public safety concerns.

The arrest affidavit says that ‘Wypcha used the bathroom with the door ajar five times and didn’t wash her hands afterward. Then she went to the organic ice cream freezer and put her hands into the ice cream containers’.

It continues, saying that ‘videos that day also caught her picking her nose then putting her hands in the product and later spitting into ice cream containers’.

‘And on June 22, she went to use the bathroom but found the door locked and urinated in a bucket used to churn ice cream,’ it continues.

She then dumped the bucket in a sink where ice cream utensils and bowls are washed and later put her hands in the freezer again.

It concluded: “She was released Monday night in lieu of bail, set at $5,000 for the criminal mischief charge and $50,000 for the tampering charge. Both charges are felonies”.

This comes after a woman went viral after swigging mouthwash in a shop and then spitting it back into the bottle.

Twitter user ‘Bameron Nicole Smith’ uploaded the video to her social media, and it has since garnered 18 million views (at the time of writing).

The disgusting video with the caption: “you b*tches with no oral hygiene could take a hint” has got a severe reaction from the public.

Some Twitter users have claimed it was staged as she doesn’t appear to break a seal on the bottle.

One person wrote: “I just love how this generation of want to be criminals is so dumb that they actually document their own criminal activities. Then these dumb*sses act all surprised when the police actually catch them.”

Smith later uploaded a picture of herself with a receipt, but it’s unclear whether or not that is for the bottle she ‘tainted’.

A social media user commented: “Another one for prison. Hope you have fun with your new inmate friends”.


‘Ice cream girl’ is a reference to a woman who posted a video on Twitter last week, of her grabbing a tub of Blue Bell Creameries ice cream from a Lufkin, Texas, Walmart freezer aisle, removing the lid and licking the top of the ice cream. She then puts it back into the freezer.

Lufkin Police and Fire department identified the girl in the video, and also her boyfriend who is heard on the video encouraging her.

“They were both forthcoming with what occurred and admitted to the act,” the authority wrote on Twitter.

However, ‘ice cream girl’ will not be charged as she is under the age of 17, and therefore considered a juvenile under Texan law. Lufkin Police added: “What happens from here is at the discretion of the juvenile justice system”.

However, they are “currently discussing” her boyfriend, as he is over the age of 17 and therefore could be prosecuted.

Hopefully this disgusting trend stops before it gets out of hand.

Featured image credit: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

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