Five reasons why YOU need to play WWE 2K18

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By Chris Anderson

Please. Please let this be the year.

Every year 2K releases a new WWE game. Every year I get hyped (apologies to Mojo Rawley). Every year I feel disappointed.

WWE games have always struggled to find the balance between being a competitive combat game and being a game that feels like the industry it should represent.

Bad graphics, a poor story mode, and a god-awful promo engine left many gamers frustrated in WWE 2K17 – but now, there is hope.

Here are five reasons why SPORF is SERIOUSLY excited for WWE 2K18.

(1) By GAWD It’s Pretty

Xbox 360 and PS3 players, we thank you for your sacrifice.

2K announced there were not going to be releasing a last-gen version of the game, and instead were putting all their efforts into the Xbox One & PS4.

Good decision.

There’s a real attention to detail on the superstars, right down to the vascularity in their arms.

Hair still seems to be an issue for a few characters – but beyond that, the game looks incredible.

(2) Eight Stars In One Ring

For a long, long time, six superstars were all that could be in the ring at one time when it came to a WWE 2K game – no more!

2K18 see’s that limit stretched to eight for the first time and we love it!

Early reports suggested that the added superstars really put a strain on the game, with graphics quality and frame rate taking a hit – but recent gameplay releases show that this issue has been fixed.

Money in the Bank, Royal Rumble, Battle Royale matches suddenly feel fresh and new again!

(3) Promo Engine 2.0

Last year’s release saw the launch of a brand new way of cutting a promo.

It sucked.

It was illogical, nonsensical, and completely infuriating.

Fortunately, 2K have listened to the fans and have given it an overhaul.

Reports are that the new engine has been made from scratch; and whilst it looks very similar to last years, it seems far easier to cut a promo that makes sense.

Unfortunately, there’s still no voice over. One day.

(4) Free Roaming

In a move that hearkens back to the days of Smackdown Vs Raw 2009, you can now freely roam the backstage area in career mode.

This allows you to interact with other stars, promoters, and producers and create your own path – either as a Company Man or as a Fan Favourite.

You’ll be able to request interviews from Renee Young, interrupt other superstars, and even complete side missions separate from the main storyline.

(5) One HUGE Roster

One hundred and seventy-two. That’s how many superstars you have to choose from if you unlock every available superstar… not including pre-order or DLC characters!

Our cup runneth over.

And it’s an incredible mix of current stars, legends, and NXT fan favourites.

The idea of seeing Jake “The Snake” Roberts take on No Way Jose can now become a reality!

BONUS: Barron Blade is Back!

The fictional 2K non-playable character has been the bane in the side of many a player.

Unfortunately, it appears that wrestling isn’t for him anymore and has hung up his boots.

Never fear, though, turns out WWE has a natural career progression and Barron now works as a producer on NXT.

Good luck to him.

What are your thoughts? Have you pre-ordered WWE 2K18 or are you giving this year a miss? Let SPORF know!

Did you know these WWE Stars ended up going into politics? 🤼‍♂️

Posted by SPORF on Sunday, September 24, 2017

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