First Resident Evil 8 Leaks Tease Werewolves And Brand New Zombies

We’re hungry like the wolf!


The dead are rising once again as the first Resident Evil 8 details have supposedly leaked online. If you’re hungry for more brains and blood, it sounds like Capcom has you covered.

From the tiny acorn of 1996’s Resident Evil, the zombie shooter has grown to be a mighty oak tree of games, expanded media, and movies. Now, Resident Evil 8 could raise the bar even further.

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As with all video game leaks, players are advised to take the latest with a pinch of salt until Capcom gives the official nod. The Resident Evil 8 leaks come from Residence of Evil in a lengthy video.

According to channel, the next RE game will bring back protagonist Ethan from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Similar to the previous game, Resident Evil 8 will reportedly return to a claustrophobic first-person mode and even introduce werewolves.

There was nothing wrong with Biohazard‘s sinister monsters known as the Moulded, however, it would be great to see some more traditional enemy types alongside the brand new addition of werewolves. We’re all used to battling zombie dogs, but werewolves are sure to take it up a notch.

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While the recent Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes have stuck with the tried-and-tested third-person perspective, Capcom could be continuing the legacy of Bioshock with a proper sequel. A new stalker enemy type is also referenced, and it’s said that series hero, Chris Redfield, will be making a comeback.

This is great news considering Resident Evil 7 was heralded as a return to form after the mixed back that was Resident Evil 6. While there was nothing wrong with RE 6, it was criticised for being too much of a cinematic affair that (much like the movies), swapped out storytelling for flashy effects.

Resident Evil 7 had a back to basics approach that honoured the humble 1996 roots of the franchise and the decaying halls of the Spencer Mansion. With No. 7 giving gamers a terrifying first-person perspective, pulses were racing as we crawling through the confines of the Baker Family mansion.

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When it comes to the plot, RE 8 is said to centre on an expansive castle in a “rural, snowy, and mountainous” region. Ethan and Chris will be tormented by a “shadowy” female enemy. Worse than this, she simply dissipates instead of dies when you shoot her. Well, that sounds like a villainous Moaning Myrtle with some serious Resident Evil 4 vibes.

The return of Chris Redfield is an obvious coup, while Ethan’s fan-favourite status after his introduction in Biohazard is also great news. By the sounds of it, Resident Evil 8 could neatly line up with the upcoming release of the PS5.

As one of the longest-running and best-loved video game franchises of all time, it’s no surprise there’s a lot of hype surrounding the eighth main series title.

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