Figures Reveal Who Is The Most-Killed Actor Of All Time

They’ve made a career from being killed


While we all love a good movie death, it turns out some of Hollywood’s famous faces are more used to shuffling off this mortal coil than others. Everyone is used to seeing Sean Bean dispatched in a variety of brutal ways, but you might be surprised to learn he isn’t the most-killed movie actor of all time — in fact, he doesn’t make the top 10.

Even though the honour of being the most-killed actor of all time might sound like an odd one, it’s definitely a way to up your presence in the industry. If you’re ready for a grim look at Tinseltown, place your bets on who has been offed more than anyone else.

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The ‘Movie Mortality’ infographic comes courtesy of Buzz Bingo and confirms Machete star Danny Trejo has the most movie deaths of all time. The description explains, “Some actors are an unfortunate magnet for on-screen deaths, while others have the bad luck of appearing in particularly deadly flicks.

“We used cinemorgue and IMDb to find out which actors are the most prone to dying on-screen, and which movies and years across cinematic history are the deadliest.”

Although Trejo is known as the seemingly indestructible Machete from Robert Rodriguez’s grindhouse series, he’s met his maker in everything from Con Air to Anaconda, From Dusk Till Dawn to Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Trejo has become a firm favourite of the horror circuit with an impressive 65 deaths over the years.

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In fact, Trejo nudges ahead of horror legend Christopher Lee, who earns a respectable second place with 60 deaths. Lee’s had a dramatic demise in Horror of Dracula, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith.

The top three is rounded off by Aliens favourite Lance Henriksen sporting 51 deaths. Next, there’s a three-way tie for fourth place with Vincent Price, Dennis Hopper, and Boris Karloff.

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When it comes to women, things haven’t been great for Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction), Meryl Streep (Death Becomes Her) and Julianne Moore (Carrie). However, the Scream Queen title goes to legendary Shelley Winters thanks to her 20 deaths in the likes of Bloody Mama, Raging Angels, and The Night of the Hunter.

The top five women that can boast being most-killed are Winters (20 deaths), Moore (17 deaths), Jennifer Jason Leigh (14 deaths), Charlotte Rampling (14 deaths), and Close (13 deaths).

So there we have it, Sean Bean isn’t the most-killed actor of all time. Well, I guess that’s something he can put on his CV.

[Featured Image: 20th Century Fox/Warner Bros.]

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