Fans Want Gordon Ramsay To Play Chef Louis In Little Mermaid Remake

To be fair, he does suit the role…


With casting well and truly underway for the latest in the Disney ‘remake every single one of their classic films’ list, fans have began to throw names of popular celebrities into the ring in a bid to get them as the next star in the upcoming Little Mermaid live-action movie.

The latest suggestion has come from Kitchen Nightmares fans around the world, who are furiously arguing that it would ONLY be right for Gordon Ramsay to play the angry chef, Louis, in the upcoming remake.

Granted, there are a few things that do let him down on the casting choice here, and that is that he isn’t French – and he also has blonde hair whereas Louis has black. Worst case, he could probably just dye it, but you know what Twitter wants, Twitter will argue to the end of the earth about it.

He’s not the only big name on the cards, as many fans have been requesting K-POP group BTS join in on the fun by Disney casting band member Jimin as Prince Eric.

Other notable celebrities that have been rumoured to be involved include Melissa McCarthy as Ursula the sea witch, as well as Terry Crews – who wants to play King Triton and honestly – we can kind of see it.

Whoever signs on will join Halle Baile, who has already been confirmed to be playing Ariel in the upcoming remake. Her casting choice garnered a lot of furious debate.

[Featured Image Credit: Disney The Little Mermaid / FOX]

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