Fans Notice That Game of Thrones Is Basically A Rip-Off Of Shrek

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Game of Thrones Shrek Rip-Off

While the worlds of Shrek and Game of Thrones might seem a million miles apart, one eagle-eyed fan has noticed a startling similarity between Season 7 of HBO’s fantasy epic and the first Shrek movie from 2001.

No, it isn’t that Jaime Lannister looks creepily like Prince Charming, that Oberyn is effectively Puss in Boots, or that Joffrey is like the twisted Lord Farquaad. However, the two fairytales are conveniently linked by their use of dragons.


The Pixel Factor shared a tweet that puts Shrek side-by-side with Game of Thrones Season 7’s “Eastwatch”. The long-awaited moment saw a tentative Jon Snow meet with Queen Daenerys Targaryen and her trusty steed, Drogon. It might be a simple coincidence, but there’s no escaping the comparison between this interaction and when Donkey meets Dragon in Shrek.

Notice how both Snow and Donkey are terrified by the dragons and know they could be swallowed whole at any point. The timing is perfect as Drogon and Dragon even blink in unison. If this means that Kit Harington’s Snow is Eddie Murphy’s Donkey, does it technically mean Daenerys is Shrek? It’s all very confusing.

Of course, this is all a bit of fun. Perhaps the biggest difference is that Donkey fell in love with Dragon while Jon Snow fell for Drogon’s owner instead. Season 8 of Game of Thrones tips Jon and Dany to be the show’s very own Shrek and Fiona.

Drogon Game of Thrones

The family-friendly mantra of Shrek couldn’t be further away from the bloody battles and incest of Game of Thrones. However, in this era of R-rated movies like Logan and Venom, an adult version of Shrek could cash in on a more mature audience.

Although Game of Thrones is going strong ahead of its final season later this year, Shrek hasn’t had the same fairytale ending. After the box office success of the first two movies, the Shrek cow has been well and truly milked. The series is facing a reboot at some point in the near future, but just imagine a live-action version of Shrek.

Whether showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss planned the Shrek comparison is a mystery, but still, it’s a pretty cool connection. Who knows, maybe one of those Game of Thrones spin-offs could be an animated crossover with Shrek?

[Featured Image: HBO/Dreamworks]

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