Fans Get First Look At Robert Pattinson’s The Batman

Is that also Farrell’s Penguin?


Director Matt Reeves is firing up the Bat Signal as comic book fans get a first look at Robert Pattinson in The Batman. After Ben Affleck stepped away from the role following the box office disaster that was 2017’s Justice League, the internet exploded with the news Pattinson is putting on the cape and cowl next.

Little is known about Reeves’ movie, but with the Twilight star being just 33, it’s expected The Batman will once again explore the formative days of the Dark Knight. Following his acclaimed work on Dawn of and War for the Planet of Apes, Reeves is putting his distinct style on the crime-riddled streets of Gotham City.

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Warner Bros.

With filming currently underway in London, Wade Gravett shared snaps of The Batman. The shot shows a stunt double AND and actor who looks to be Pattinson. It featured Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne on a motorcycle, teasing he’s not upgraded his wheels to the signature Batmobile just yet.

The Batman has an all-star cast that only recently confirmed the rumours Colin Farrell is playing Oswald Cobblepot, aka the Penguin. Gravett also shared a snap of someone bearing a striking resemblance to Farrell and sporting an umbrella — Penguin’s weapon of choice.

Although Gravett admits the quality isn’t great, it definitely looks like Farrell. For those who need any more convincing, his style matches look he had as Percival Graves in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. While Cobblepot isn’t known for having bright blonde hair, Reeves could be going for something different with The Batman.

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