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Fancy A Tipple? Tesco Is Now Selling Sugar-Free Pink Gin

Now you don’t have to feel as guilty about making that drink a double!


Stop what you’re doing right now, because Tesco has officially just stocked the only gin you’ll want to treat yourself to if you’re trying to watch your calories – SUAGR FREE PINK GIN.

Bloom Gin

Blooms Jasmine and Rose Pink Gin has now officially landed in Tesco, and it is best known for being sugar free, and very delicious. Hell YES.

Better yet, it’s in the supermarket for just £20 at the moment, so is even on offer so that you can enjoy your gin AND dessert and not feel as guilty as before. You know what, I think I might make mine a double.

If you’re a fan of pink gin, then you may also want to check out this absolute dream of a bargain.

If you’re the kind of person who loves pink gin but HATES tonic (I feel you), then you’re going to love this. Asda has launched £1 cans of pink gin and lemonade. But the best part? The lemo is DIET.


Not only can you get the pink gin and diet lemo, there’s also Passion Fruit Martini, Gin Bramble, and Rhubarb Gin.

ASDA’s Spirits Buyer Lauren Bungay said that the new range aims to “take the fuss out of cocktails”, which sounds great to us.

She said: “With summer jam-packed full of celebrations, we wanted to ensure we have something customers could easily grab-and-go with, no matter the occasion.

“With canned cocktails growing in popularity thanks to their ease, flavour and convenience, our new ready-to-drink range aims to take the fuss out of cocktails, providing the perfect solutions for busy summer days,

“Whether you’re a fan of fruity, or a gin-traditionalist, our new range has something everyone can enjoy.

“At just £1 for single cans, the range is the perfect value option for Brits loking for delicious drinks that don’t come with the cocktail lounge price tag.”


I don’t know about you, but this sounds absolutely incredible. Plus, it’s nice to know that supermarkets are actually listening to us when we tell them we don’t bloody like tonic!

[Featured Image Credit: Bloom Gin]

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