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Facebook Messenger Introduces ‘Delete Message’ Function And It’s About Time

Now if you find yourself sending something you PROBABLY shouldn’t have, you can quickly delete it before anyone sees!


There’s nothing quite like the fear of sending a risky message and instantly regretting every choice you’ve ever made in life before that moment. 

Up until recently, once you’ve clicked the send, that’s it – the damage is done and there’s no coming back from whatever confession you may have just shared.

Facebook is coming to the rescue though and will now allow users a 10-minute period in which you can delete a message that you have sent.

In group chats each participant would get a message to say you have deleted your last posting, though if you’re quick enough it could spare a lot of blushes.

The feature has been a long time coming, Facebook actually announced they would be rolling it out 10 months ago, when it was discovered the platform had been permanently deleting messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg.

The company stopped using the secret feature, which it said it had built “to protect our executives’ communications”, when it was discovered in April 2018, and promised not to delete messages again until it could make “a broader delete message feature available”.

Messenger users do have more power to delete messages sent in “secret conversations”, the company’s branding for its end-to-end encrypted chats. There, texts can be set to auto-delete after a certain time, and have been removable by the sender since the feature was launched.

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