Emma Stone Set To Play Popular Disney Villain In Live Action Film

Messenger Emma Stone is reportedly next in line to step in and bring to life one of …read more


Emma Stone is reportedly next in line to step in and bring to life one of the most popular villain’s in Disney culture – Cruella De Vil.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stone is set to play the iconic character in a live-action origin film about Cruella, and the character has already been tipped to have a ‘punk’ vibe about her. Emma will follow in the footsteps of Glenn Close, who played the character back in 1996 and 2000 for two live-action versions of the Dodie Smith’s original book.

While there isn’t much news, or confirmation yet about the upcoming Cruella film, it has been revealed that it will be set around the 1980s, and have a ‘punk vibe’ to it. Craig Gillespie, the director of I, Tonya, will reportedly be directing the film.

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Stone isn’t the only person who’s been tipped to step in a Disney Villain’s shoes in the New Year, as it also appears that Lady Gaga may be joining her as part of the Disney universe.

While Lady Gaga had already dipped her toes into the world of acting when she first appeared on American Horror Story, she has since found even more worldwide success with her debut signature role in Bradley Cooper directed film, A Star Is Born.

Some people really are just triple threats, what with her successful pop career, incredible ability to dance and keep her stamina up on stage, and now her shining acting career, it’s no wonder that she’s being considered for almost every single role that fits her character – and the latest option is in the form of a Disney classic reboot.

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According to The Disinsider, Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotta) is reportedly tipped to play everyone’s favourite underwater Disney villain, Ursula, in the upcoming real life remake of The Little Mermaid. Oh my lord, imagine how incredible that would be. The filming is due to take place in Puerto Rico and Cape Town, and while there is not much information about its release just yet, there’s apparently due to be more information coming towards the end of the year.

A source reportedly told the publication: “We have heard from multiple sources, that music superstar Lady Gaga is high on Disney’s wish list for a role in the film. Most likely the role of Ursula. While we haven’t been able to confirm any of this. We’ve decided to share it as a rumor and nothing more.”

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Can you just imagine Gaga’s vocals while singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls”?! It would be unreal, considering how into character and dedicated she goes with her roles. For example, if you’ve seen A Star Is Born, you’ll know just how powerful the ending is (don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t watched it, but I strongly advise that you do because it’s an incredible piece of work), but there was a reason that the scene felt so raw and real, and Lady Gaga revealed why to Zane Lowe during a recent interview with Beats 1 Radio.

“On that day, my friend Sonja [Durham], who had been battling cancer for years, her friend called me, and I could hear her moaning in the background, and they said she’s not doing well,”

“I thought she was dying so I left the set – I didn’t even stop to see Bradley – I just got in my car and started driving. And I missed her by 10 minutes.”

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