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Embroidery Tattoos Have Your Next Ink Idea All ‘Sewn’ Up

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Embroidery Tattoos

If you’re struggling with what to get for your next tattoo, the latest trend of embroidery tattoos are sure to grab your attention. Don’t worry, you won’t be pinned down as someone sews actual threads into your skin.

As tattoos move away from the nautical-inspired and sometimes crudely drawn ones associated with sailors, Instagram is jam-packed with colourful interpretations of this new art form.

These days, everyone has tattoos. James Arthur recently got a giant tiger on his chest, while Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande famously shared 12 tattoos in honour of each other.

If Pete and Ari need a way to cover their memories of each other, maybe they should look out for embroidery tattoos? A quick search of Instagram can find some pretty impressive offerings.

Some are so realistic, it literally looks like someone has sewn a patch onto their skin. We can assure you though, they’re all the real deal.

Remember though, a tattoo is for life, not just for Christmas. I’m sure you’ve seen enough episodes of Tattoo Fixers to know what happens when it goes wrong. Does anyone remember that girl who got EastEnders‘ Ian Beale etched on her body? Come on, how could you forget?

It can be a slippery slope though. I’m currently covered in tattoos and planning my next one. Still, I’m not quite as extreme as the man who decorated 90% of his body in tattoos and wants to have his penis removed.

There’s a growing number of artists who are known for their embroidery tattoos, so check them out online. So yeah, maybe stick with a nice, pretty, embroidery tattoo and tell your grandma you got it in memory of their favourite hobby.

[Featured Image: Duda Lozano Tattoo Instagram/polo_tatts Instagram]

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