Ed Sheeran Reveals He’s Going Off The Grid Again After His Upcoming Tour

Messenger Ed Sheeran is going on another big break after he finishes up his current world tour. He …read more


Ed Sheeran is going on another big break after he finishes up his current world tour.

He revealed the bombshell while speaking to BBC Radio 2’s Jo Whiley. He explained: ”I’ve got things coming out, I don’t know if they’re albums. But I’ve got things coming out. The next ‘album album’ won’t be for a while.

”After this, September is the end of tour next year, then I’m going to do another blackout and go away for a year.

”It worked last time for both me and the public, I think it’s good to have a little break. The next album, no earlier than 2020. Late 2020.”

Earlier this year he spoke about his next album, saying: ”The reason it’s not a pop album is people expect you to come and the next album they’re going to be like ‘it has to be bigger than ‘Shape of You’ and it has to sell more than this’, but if I control it and go ‘here’s a lo-fi record that I really f****** love,’ my fans are gonna be like ‘Yay!’, and the pop world are gonna be like ‘oh well, maybe the next one.’ ”

Our Ed has been around for what feels like forever now. Everything he touches turns to gold. In fact, I’m pretty sure he could burp the alphabet, record it, and it’d get to number one in the charts without anyone so much as raising an eyebrow.

However, it wasn’t always that easy for him. There was a time when he wasn’t actually successful. However, every big star has their story of their big break – and Ed is no different.

We’re used to Ed crooning about love, but the song that he credits his career to was actually very different. ‘We Are’ is a tribute to his friend who tragically died 13 years ago.

In a new book (called ‘Ed Sheeran’, funnily enough) written by Sean Smith, it reveals that the song was written in memory of his best friend Stuart Dines, who tragically died in a car accident while on a school trip.

Ed himself actually said that it was ‘the song that actually got [him] a record deal’.

In the book, Smith wrote: “Ed had to come to terms with the death of someone he saw practically every day.

“He resolved to write a song about his feelings. He composed it, he said, ‘whilst I got round to actually accepting it’.”

The Mirror reports that despite the song not making it onto to any of his hit albums, ‘We Are’ got him some serious attention from one of the bosses at record label Atlantic during a concert at the The Bedford pub in Balham, south London.

Atlantic signed him three months later.

Dines’ dad Robert told Sean: “Ed was very, very upset, like a lot of the children.”

Sheeran also performed at a special tribute concert which raised funds for the ‘Stuart Dines Library’ at a school in Kenya. Fair play to him.

We all know that Ed Sheeran is absolutely minted. It’s hard not to be when you’ve got sell-out tours, every single you release seems to go to number 1 and your fans are obsessed with everything you do.

His company, Ed Sheeran Ltd, released its accounts earlier this year, reports Heatworld.

The accounts released reportedly show that the company made a gross profit of £27,376,900. That works out at £75,005 a day, or an eye-watering £3,125 an hour.

Lend us a tenner, Ed.

Ed Sheeran is notoriously private when it comes to his personal life, choosing only to reveal information when he’s ready.

He previously revealed that he would be wedding his childhood sweetheart, Cherry Seaborn, later this year – however in an interview with Access earlier this year, the Galway Girl singer appeared to confirm he had already said ‘I do’.

The interviewer asked the singer how the wedding preparations were coming, and when the nuptials would be going ahead when Ed shrugged his shoulders and pointed to his wedding ring, blushing. Cheeky thing, you.

The interviewer, quickly realising what Sheeran was signalling too, then said, “Ah right. That’s exciting! Congratulations my friend! Congratulations! How did you sneak that one?”

The singer then gave a very hidden, but also telling response: “Well, I never do anything too public anyway.” Well, to be fair, he didn’t say no when the guy started congratulating him – which he then proceeded to do again, finally adding: “That’s awesome! Congratulations, I’m happy for you!”

When the news broke, fans rushed to social media to congratulate the couple on their exciting news. Half of the world was absolutely gutted that one of their idols is now OFFICIALLY off the market, while others couldn’t contain their excitement.

It was previously announced that earlier this year Ed had applied for planning permission to build a 32ft chapel on the grounds of his mansion in Surrey. A source told The Sun earlier this year: “Even though Ed is one of the world’s biggest stars he does like to do things privately, like his engagement.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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