Dwayne Johnson Reportedly ‘In Talks’ To Join Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Sequel



Sonic The Hedgehog surprised fans by recently becoming one of the most successful movies of the year so far – and the most successful video game to movie adaptation opening weekend ever.

Taking a worldwide total sum of $128 million dollars so far, Sonic The Hedgehog rode the wave of controversy regarding his controversial first look and became a smash hit.

Now there are reportedly are talks of the movie turning into a franchise, and some exciting actors look to be set to join the sequel.

Neal McDonough, (who plays Major Bennington in the film) has heard talks of a huge movie star joining the franchise, and he hinted very heavily at The Rock’s potential appearance.

Whilst speaking to a panel at FAN EXPO Vancouver, McDonough said:

“There was just a little one thing for everybody — there have been grownup jokes that might sneak in there that we’d get, and the youngsters wouldn’t get, [and] there could be jokes that the youngsters could be getting that we as adults typically wouldn’t essentially get — so it was just a little bit for everybody,” he mentioned. “And I feel what they did with Sonic, he regarded so nice, it was a throwback to what the game was and I feel they actually nailed it. I feel that’s why it’s the biggest film on the planet now,”

“I’m thinking ahead to part two,” McDonough continued. Then, maybe half-serious, he added, “Actually, I’ve already heard rumblings that The Rock is going to be [in it]. The Rock is in every sequel, by the way.”

In the original film, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson actually got a shout-out. When Sonic first arrives in the human world, he blurts out a quick few questions about the planet:

“Where am I? What year is it? Is the Rock president?” – which could be a neat way of having the actor join the sequel, as the President who has to deal with whatever planet threatening villain comes after the Blue Blur next.

Guess we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for any future projects that align the two together.

[Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros / Sony]

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