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Drivers: We Found You The Perfect Money-Saving Tool

Why didn’t I know this?!


We all love a life hack, don’t we? The Facebook videos that show five-minute hacks are great, but the ones you tell your mates about are the show-stopping money savers, not the trick to make your house smell nice for longer.


Arguably, the most annoying (and expensive) part of being a driver is the insurance. Although, if you had to take your test 15 times that probably wasn’t cheap either.

Anyway, some top lads and lasses have put their heads together and made an app that could change the game forever. No longer will you have to trawl price comparison sites (and the other sites that refuse to go on there). Nope, now they come to YOU and try to grab your attention with their offers.

You simply use the app to point out what different things you want your insurance to include, and then the car insurance companies put forward their own offers and start to fight against each other in front of you with ever-lower prices. All you have to do is pick the one you like.

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