‘Drew’ Gotta Be Kidding Me? 13 Frightening Facts About Wes Craven’s Scream

We’ve got to (Ghost)face the music

Scream facts

It’s a case of ‘Scream’ if you wanna go faster as it’s time to delve into bloody depths of cinematic history and relive the horror of Wes Craven’s Scream. Known as the horror maestro behind the likes of A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Last House on the Left, and The Hills Have Eyes, Craven took a much more meta take on giving us nightmares with 1996’s Scream.

Sparking the craze of Ghostface and giving Neve Campbell probably her biggest break ever, Scream was like nothing horror hounds had ever seen before. If you’re ready, it’s time to ask “What’s your favourite scary movie?” as we uncover 13 frightening facts about Scream.

1. It was inspired by a real-life story

While writer Kevin Williamson didn’t quite go full Texas Chainsaw Massacre and pretend Ghostface was a real killer, Scream can find some of its story in actual history. The Woodsboro Murders were partly inspired by the crimes of Danny Harold Rolling, aka “The Gainesville Ripper”.

Rolling was convicted or murdering five students during a four-day killing spree in 1990. Although Scream was loosely inspired by Rolling’s crimes, Williamson also admits John Carpenter’s Halloween was also a bit influence.

2. Barrymore bowed out

Drew Barrymore Scream
Dimension Films

After becoming something of a legend in Hollywood following her breakout performance in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Drew Barrymore was pretty famous by the time Scream rolled around. The movie’s marketing campaign brilliant pitched her as the final girl, which made her shock slaughter in the opening even more of a jaw-dropping twist.

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