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Domino’s Large Garlic And Herb Contains A LOT Of Calories And We’re Heartbroken

No wonder I’m so chonky.


Arguably, one of the best parts of getting a Domino’s pizza is the accompanying Garlic and Herb dip. In fact, in our house if we get one, we HAVE to also get a large version of the dip just to avoid arguments.

But if you’re the sort of person who likes to monitor how many calories you’re putting into your body, then you may be heartbroken to find out that just one large tup of the delicious sauce alone contains 700 calories. SEVEN HUNDRED CALORIES FOR JUST THE DIP!

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That’s before you even stuffed that crust, and shoved the tasty slices into your mouth. If you’re thinking that you don’t wanna be too naughty before the beginning of the new year, but also want a takeaway then I suggest highly ignoring those dips going forward. Heartbreaking, I know, as they’re arguably the greatest part about getting a Domino’s in the first place.

as if the 100g pot of dominos garlic and herb dip has 675 calories in it. Byeeeeeee

— Mia D (@miadavidsonn) October 26, 2018

Don’t think that if you just go for one of those little ones that they put on the edge of the box that you’ll be saving yourself, either, as they’re also 250 calories. 250 WHOLE CALORIES FOR JUST ONE LITTLE POT OF GARLIC AND HERBY GOODNESS. Oh I feel like I’ve been lied to my whole life, although this does answer why I’ve been such a chunk over the last few months – because I actually do get a lot of Domino’s (and yes, I also know that THAT could be adding to the problem, too.)

So if you’re planning on trying to lose weight this year, during your cheat days try and avoid Domino’s’ little pots of secret hell. They’re evil, sinful, delicious and FULL of calories.

[Featured Image Credit: Domino’s]

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