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Domino’s Introduces Pineapple And Spaghetti Pizza

Urm… why?!


In news I honestly didn’t believe was true until I looked into it, Domino’s New Zealand has officially launched a canned spaghetti and pineapple pizza.

They posted on Facebook: “This is no joke! We’ve officially added Hawaiian SPAGHETTI pizza to our menu for a limited time only, with help from our friends at Wattie’s NZ! (no April Fools this time 😏)

“Try it today from $7.99* pick up 🍕🍍”

You couldn’t pay me $7.99 to even try that monstrosity, to be quite honest.

Fans were quick to comment, although not every single person is particularly thrilled with the news.

One said: “Spaghetti on a pizza is actually really nice. Should do one with beef mince and cheese. Spaghetti Bolognese pizza.”

Another added: “This bad and you should feel bad.”

Someone even gave out tips, writing: “Made heaps like this at home. Creamed corn is also a good base if family like the corn. Add bacon, onion, cheese.”

Ya’ll need Jesus, imo.

Even if this isn’t your kind of thing, pizza should be a regular part of your routine.

Offering the upper crust of journalism, we’ve got good news for pizza fans. According to psychology, pizza is the newest superfood to get us through the working day.

No matter what the weather, there are few things better than tucking into a big slice of pizza pie, oozing with cheese and covered with whatever toppings you want — even ham and pineapple. If it’s good enough for Dean Martin, it’s good enough for us!

You’ve all heard how an army marches on its stomach, well apparently, a workplace is the same. Psychologist Dan Ariely conducted a study for his book, Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations, and figured that giving out slices of the good stuff is the best way to get the most out of your happy worker bees.

Ariely put his theory to the test at an Intel factory in Israel. At the start of the week, he sent the workers one of three emails and gauged their responses. The first incentive offered a $30 cash prize, the second a compliment from the boss, and the third was a pizza voucher.

Dominos Pizza
Dominos Pizza

While you’d imagine most would jump at the cash prize, Ariely was shocked/not-so shocked to find the pizza email was the most popular. What’s more, productivity was up 6.7% compared to a control group who didn’t get offered anything. The lure of a compliment also increased productivity by 6.6%, while the money motivator only led to a 4.9% improvement.

In fact, the group that was offered money actually had a slump in productivity by the end of the week. It sounds like Ariely needs to do another test. If he needs anyone to try some test pizzas, I’m more than happy to oblige.

Kevin Pizza Home Alone

Either way, it’s great news for us crust-craving pizza lovers. Personally, I’ve always found that Krispy Kreme donuts can also be an equally effective way to boost morale in the workplace, so if my bosses are reading this…hint, hint.

Ariely hypothesizes that eating pizza with friends or receiving a compliment from someone higher up outweighs the short-term benefits of cash. It’s good news that money isn’t our biggest motivator and is even better news for pizza fans. So, next time your boss asks what you want for dinner, the answer is simple…pizza for everyone!

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