Dog Onesies Now Exist To Stop Your Furry BFF Shedding Everywhere

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We all love our pups, but finding hair everywhere from couches to bedrooms to the kitchen is not the best thing in the world.

Now, there’s an unusual solution to that problem. Shed Defender, which featured on Shark Tank back in 2018, which will help the home from becoming covered in stray hair.

It’s certainly a slightly weird solution. Essentially, it looks like a onesie for your pal, which covers their body and legs. Whilst it’s sure to draw a few looks and laughs (seeing a dog wearing human clothes will never not be funny) it is sure to scoop up all the excess fur that is lying about your house.

Not only is it helpful for the dog owner, but it helps keep your furry friend warm in the colder months as well as keeping them safe from allergens.

CREDIT: Amazon Shed Defender

Don’t worry though – it doesn’t stop the dog from shedding, as that process is natural and good for their health – but it contains the stray fur to the onesie.

Shed Defender is created from a breathable mesh fabric so it is not going to at all restrict the dogs breathing, health or anything negative.

Best of all, it’s definitely affordable. It retails on Amazon at $39.99 for a smaller size and $59.99 for a bigger boy.

Shed Defender seems to be a really positive business, too, donating an amount of money to a different charity each month.

Their website states:

“Shed Defender is a family business committed to supporting animals who need a little extra love! Through our Paw It Forward program we donate a portion of our sales to a different animal shelter, rescue centre, or adoption group each month.”

It also offers a size guide and a host of frequently asked questions including confirming that their product offers UV protection and explaining that the product should only be worn for 8 hours at a time.


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