Doctors Are Warning People To ‘Stop Using Toothpaste As Lube’



Before you even clicked on this, I can guarantee reading the headline that you probably thought the exact thing I did when I first saw this – WTF?

But apparently yes, there are people out there who are using toothpaste as lubricant, and they have increasingly made themselves known on popular forum site, Reddit.

One Redditor revealed that he had placed toothpaste on his penis, and detailed the horrifying aftermath.

He recalled: “Later that day when I went to use the toilet, when I took down my trousers I saw some discolouration to my d***, I had a look and all the skin was red and raw, with some parts of the skin beginning to scab. Not good. The pain was really really bad, it was really hard to walk and keep a straight face.”

Another also confessed to using toothpaste as a lubricant and that it was so painful, they needed painkillers afterwards.

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