Doctor Who To Battle David Tennant-Era Villain In New Series

‘Who’ you gonna’ call?

Doctor Who Whittaker Tennant

Prepare for another spin in that big blue box — we finally know when Doctor Who is coming back, and it sounds like she’s got some familiar faces on board. It’s a case of out with the new and in with the old because Jodie Whittaker’s version of the time travelling hero will be crossing paths with a villan from her past.

After the BBC rebooted the sci-fi favourite in 2005, we’ve had 14 years of Eccleston, Tennant, Smith, Capaldi, and now Whittaker. The network moved with the times and embraced feminism when it made Whittaker the show’s first female lead in its 56-year run.

The Daily Star reports that Whittaker is coming back for a festive special on New Year’s Day. Previous specials have seen the Doctor tackle evil snowmen, robotic Santas, and a trip on the Titanic. It’s not been confirmed yet, but could her seasonal outing she Whittaker take on the Judoon?

Doctor Who The Judoon

The BBC recently dropped the first look at Season 12 and confirmed the Judoon will be back (at some point) in the next run of episodes. First appearing in 2007, the Judoon were depicted as lumbering space rhinos that were part of their own mercenary police force in “Smith And Jones”. They went on to pop up in the likes of “The Stolen Earth” and most recently in 2015’s “Face the Raven”.

Although the promo shots don’t give much away, it shows how the Doctor will literally face-off against those horned horrors. The Doctor has previously branded the species as “not very intelligent”, but we’ll have to wait and see what the Judoon have been up to since we last saw them.

Judoon Doctor Who

While we’re used to the likes of the Cybermen and Daleks, plenty of other Doctor Who villains have popped up more than once. From the Autons to the Weeping Angels, Silurians to The Master, the Doc has had his/her work cut out.

Despite Whittaker’s debut in “Twice Upon a Time” before holding her own series in 2018. Fans were rightly disappointed that Chris Chibnall teased Doctor Who will be MIA until 2020, but fear not, it looks like she’s coming back with a bang.

[Featured Image: BBC]

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