Disneyland Reveals Exciting New Information About ‘Frozen’ Land

It’s landing in Disneyland Paris SO soon…


There’s a whole host of exciting new updates coming to Disneyland Paris, but one that has made people the most excited is the news of the upcoming Frozen land.

Well, according to The Telegraph, EuroDisney is planning on expanding, and by 2030 it’s apparently going to look a LOT bigger than how it does now. Here, take a look at the concept art provided by Disney to grasp what I mean by mega expansion…

disneyland Paris expansion artist concept

To achieve their hopes and dreams of doubling up the park, Disney plans to add 14,700 hotel rooms to the already existing 5,800, add a third theme park in the $1.8 billion investment, and add tons of new rides and attractions to the already existing parks.

One of the three new areas in the park will apparently be based on everyone’s favourite sister-celebrating animation Frozen, while the other two will reportedly be inspired by the companies other franchises Marvel and Star Wars.

Frozen land will also reportedly be completed by 2023, meaning there’s only three more years left to go until fans can stroll around Arendelle and take themselves ‘Into The Unknown’.

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