Dark Beauty and the Beast Theory Will Change The Movie Forever

Well that’s my childhood ruined.


This is a ‘tale as old as time’ that has shaped plenty of childhoods and cemented Belle as one of the most iconic Disney Princesses of all time. However, has the booksmart heroine outfoxed this entire time?

In the golden age of the Disney Renaissance, Beauty and the Beast was a colourful trip to France that adapted the famed fairytale that was first written back in 1740.

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The story follows an arrogant prince who is placed under a curse alongside all those inside his castle. After her father is held hostage for trespassing into the castle, Belle replaces daddy dearest as Beast’s prisoner. While it looks like Belle makes this noble sacrifice all on her own, one theory suggests she was just a puppet in the curse of Prince Adam.

Everyone knows Beauty and the Beast unfolds as a magical musical adventure about true love and never judging a book by its cover. While the wicked enchantress who places the curse on the realm is only seen during an opening montage, one Reddit theory things she has a much bigger part to play in the cartoon.

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Redditor u/IKindaLikeRunning draws attention to the scene where Belle is in the bookstore and joyfully sings “Little Town”. We hear Belle singing about “daring sword-fights” and “a prince in disguise!” There’s also the line about, “Here’s where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him til Chapter 3.”

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