Daniel Radcliffe Looks ‘Unrecognisable’ In Latest Film Role

Harry, is that you?

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Swapping the world of wands for a whole new venture, Daniel Radcliffe looks completely different in his latest movie. Known for playing the bespectacled wizard in all eight of Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter movies, the 29-year-old is no longer just remembered as ‘that kid’ with a lightning bolt on his forehead.

Although Radcliffe has said he avoids Hollywood blockbusters because they just don’t appeal to him, it hasn’t stopped him filling his CV with a number of smaller roles. He’s just been spotted on the set of Francis Annan’s Escape from Pretoria.

Sporting a blue shirt and smoking on-set in Adelaide, Australia, fans can barely recognise the former Potter powerhouse. Twitter account @danielradcliffelondon showed off snaps from the set. Although there’s an essence of Radcliffe under there, he looks a lot more like Bill Pullman’s Detective Harry Ambrose in The Sinner.

Fans can expect to hear Radcliffe trying out his best South African accent. In the movie, Radcliffe plays Tim Jenkin — the real-life man who was jailed in the country’s brutal Pretoria Prison.

Jenkin famously worked for the African National Congress and tried to end apartheid. Escape From Pretoria is based on Jenkin’s 1987 book that was based on his 1979 escape from the notorious prison.

Considering we first saw Radcliffe on our screens for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 2001, there’s no denying he’s changed a lot. As well as getting his ‘chap’ out for Equus, he’s also starred in the like of Now You See Me 2 and Swiss Army Man.

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His Escape From Pretoria looks is unrecognisable compared to how we’re used to seeing him in TBS’ Miracle Workers. Starring alongside Steve Buscemi, Radcliffe plays “Craig, a low-level angel responsible for handling all of humanity’s prayers.” It’s up to him to convince God that humanity is worth saving.

As for returning to Rowling’s wizarding world, Radcliffe has said he’d be happy to draw some lipstick on his head and play a grown-up version of Harry is Warner Bros. wanted to explore life after his Hogwarts days. Either way, that little boy we saw battling a troll in the dungeon has grown into a very different person.

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