Customers Slam ASOS Over Sales Of ‘Bum-Flashing Leg Harness’

ASOS has hit a ‘bum’ note with it’s latest offering

ASOS Harness Featured

ASOS may be the No. 1 place to help stock up your wardrobe online, but the clothing giant is coming under fire for its latest risque invention.

We all know the panic of jetting off on holiday and leaving our shopping to the last minute, only to be saved by the guiding light of ASOS.

Offering everything for everyone of every size, ASOS makes your clothing nightmares go away with a simple click of the mouse and some next-day delivery. However, we’ve all seen those awful ASOS creations that make you wonder what the designers at HQ are sometimes smoking.

Grabbing the attention of shoppers for all the wrong reasons, ASOS is looking a little red-faced thanks to a new “bum-flashing leg harness” — complete with cut-out crotch. Branded as a mix of cycling shorts and suspenders by customers, the site lists the product as “Truly high waist leg cut out leg harness.” It’s a strange description on its own, leaving puzzled users with more questions than answers.

ASOS Harness Outfit

If you want to treat yourself or your significant other this Valentine’s Day, the harness is still available on ASOS and will only set you back £14. Considering there isn’t much material on here, you’re not exactly getting much for your money.

Given the knickers aren’t included, shoppers are rightly perplexed about what you’re supposed to use the harness for.

An ASOS parody account known as asbos_sos posted an image of the offending item online. With over 900 people liking the product, it still seems no one knows if the harness has any practical use or why you’d buy it.

The caption reads, “What do we want? Extra pronounced leg bulges! When do we want them? Between 10.42 and 11.42 tomorrow! #likespanx #buttheexactopposite” — much to the hilarity of the account’s followers.

Responses ranged from “What in God’s name? What purpose do they serve ffs??” to “Just no. What actually are these hideous things?” One fan simply wrote “wtf are these”, while another mused, “Can you imagine this something for a family lunch with your grandparents? Or in a theater?”

Someone suggested the harness could come in handy for easy menstrual cup insertion, which I actually don’t think is that bad a use for it. With everyone rightly confused by the harness, at least you know you should be able to pick one up in time for February 14.

[Featured Image: 20th Century Fox/ASOS]

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