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Creme Egg-Inspired Rum Is Now A Thing And It Sounds Delicious

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Creme Egg Rum Featured

As the nation unwraps thousands of Creme Eggs during their annual season, one company is cashing in on Cadbury’s limited run of choccy oeufs with Creme Egg-flavoured rum.

Everyone knows that chocolate and alcohol go great together, so just imagine the joy of combining the Easter treat and a nice glass of rum. If you can’t be bothered with the mess/frankly disgusting idea of munching a half-digested Creme Egg and swilling it down with some rum, one company has you covered.

The brainchild of Sweet Little Drinks, Creme Egg rum liqueur is available now for £21.99. The site’s description explains how the liqueur is “based on the classic childhood sweet we all know and love”. Sweet Little Drinks says “the experience is luxurious and perfectly balanced”, suggesting that you drink it over ice or as an addition to your favourite cocktail.

Creme Egg Liqueur
Sweet Little Drinks

At 18%, it’s not the same as full ABV rum, but remember that we’re here to promote sensible drinking. Elsewhere, there’s another taste of chocolate heaven with Bounty-inspired rum. Just like the famous Mars chocolate bar that gets coconut stuck in your teeth, Bounty liqueur is sure to divide the nation.

Other options include Black Jack or candy cane-inspired gins, donut-flavoured rum, and Jelly Baby gin. Basically, if you have a sweet tooth and love a cheeky tipple, check them out!

While Creme Egg rum sounds like it could tantalise our tastebuds, the introduction of Creme Egg mayonnaise is proving less popular.  Ahead of the Easter rush, Heinz [Seriously] Good Cadbury Creme Egg Mayonnaise is sure to have you licking your lips or reaching for the sick bucket.

To celebrate, Evening Standard confirms a pop up events is coming to London and that you pass judgement on the concoction from April 11 to April 13. Creme Egg brand manager Raphael Capitani said: “We’re excited to finally announce our partnership with Heinz to create this gloriously gooey, crazy combination and dream collaboration for so many Cadbury Creme Egg lovers.

Creme Egg Mayonnaise

“We couldn’t think of a better partner to make this spread. The surprising taste is so, so delicious!” You might remember that Heinz Punk’d us all in 2018 when its April Fool’s Day prank claimed you could buy chocolate mayonnaise. Clearly picking up on the marketing might of such an idea, the food giant is cashing in on chocoholics and mayonnaise addicts alike.

“In Heinz’s 150th anniversary year, we want to take every opportunity to celebrate and Easter has always been one of our favourite times of the year,’ said Heinz Brand Manager Matina Davis. Either way, egg hunting season is well and truly upon us. We hope you’re as egg-cited as we are.

[Featured Image: Cadbury/Sweet Little Drinks]

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