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Costa Is Bringing Out Strawberry Iced Coffee For Summer

Nice or nas-tea?


Although most people look forward to Christmas menus, we may all be a bit quick to forget that summer menus are just as nice.

Costa has just unveiled its summer offering, and in a move that is sure to split its customer base, it includes strawberry-flavoured iced lattes. Urm… yum?


The coffee chain teased its new “berrylicious ice drinks for a sweet refreshment” on its website this month. Although it’s not just coffee that’s getting a taste of berry. There’s also a strawberry cold brew, a strawberry lemonade, a classic lemonade and a strawberry iced infusion. The website describes them as: “The tastiest ways to keep cool this summer: our new Strawberry Lemonade, Red Summer Berries Fruit Cooler and our new Strawberry Cold Brew Coffee. Ice cold and berry delicious.”


The limited edition cold brew takes a total of 20 hours to brew in-store, and is made up of coffee and strawberries. I’m honestly still not convinced on this.

There’s also new frostinos, including a strawberries and cream frostino option and a watermelon and coconut cooler.

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