CIA’s First Instagram Post Is Full Of Secret Meanings

Playing ‘I Spy’ with an actual spy

CIA Instagram

You might think an organisation as big as the CIA should be used to the world of social media, but believe it or not, the American organisation has only just joined the world of Instagram.

The USA’s Central Intelligence Agency has shocked us all when it launched its own Instagram and littered its first post with cryptic clues.

Speaking last week at Auburn University in Alabama,  CIA Director Gina Haspel confirmed she’d be expanded onto the social media platform to raise awareness about the agency.

It’s unsurprising that the CIA already has a big following on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, meaning it was only a matter of time before it made the leap to Instagram.

As for that first post, the CIA challenged us all to a game of I Spy. Captioning the post “I spy with my little eye…”, it was full of CIA Easter eggs. As well as Haspel’s company badge from 1985, there’s also a clock with the time 8.46 (a nod to the time the American Airlines plane hit the North Tower on 9/11).

Elsewhere, there’s a map showing Russia and China to highlight their complicated relationship with America, a grey wig (presumably for going undercover), and a rubber stamp for all those important documents. Finally, there’s a Moleskine book with the words “We share what we can and protect what we must” across the page.

Spy CIA Stock

Speaking to The Verge, CIA spokesperson Chelsea Robinson said, “Joining Instagram is another way we’re sharing CIA’s stories and recruiting talented Americans to serve here.”

She continued, “Through the account, we’ll give a peek into Agency life, but we can’t promise any selfies from secret locations. We’re looking to spark the curiosity of Instagram’s users about the many ways CIA’s global mission has us going where others cannot go and doing what others cannot do.”

Instagram confirmed it helped the CIA set up its account: “Our team worked with the CIA, as they do with many partners, to provide best practices and guidance when it comes to launching an Instagram account.”

Look out for plenty more fun from the CIA Instagram, presumably alongside some important content too.

As the account’s bio includes the CIA mission statement of “We are the Nation’s first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go”, don’t expect everything to be so light-hearted.

[Featured Image: Pixabay/CIA Instagram

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