Chucky Proves Play Time Is Over In Bloody Child’s Play Reboot Trailer

Chuck up or shut up!

Child's Play Reboot Trailer

Chucky the Good Guy Doll is slashing his way back onto our screens as Child’s Play unveils its first trailer.

As one of the most iconic horror villains of all time, the terrifying tyke has been scaring kids and adults since the ’80s. Things are looking a little different for Chucky as Child’s Play heads into a new era of evil.

Coming from the producers of IT, the Child’s Play reboot could be one to watch as horror movies continue to bring in the big bucks at the box office.

Aubrey Plaza plays Karen Barclay, a loving mother who unwittingly gives her son the chilling Chucky. The movie will presumably play out as Karen and Andy realise the cute toy has murderous intentions and try to escape his plastic clutches while the bodies stack up.

It’s interesting that the first trailer doesn’t even show horror hounds what Chucky looks like. We’ve seen a reimagined version of Chucky on the posters, but it looks like Child’s Play is saving the big reveal for another trailer.

Chucky 2019
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If horror movies have taught us anything, it’s that hiding the big bad in the shadows is arguably scarier (Friday the 13thAlien). It all looks pretty dark, which is good news considering ludicrous Child’s Play movies like Seed of Chucky and Cult of Chucky.

I’m taking a ‘stab’ in the dark here, but Child’s Play could be the start of something new for the long-running franchise. Just like David Gordon Green ruled over the box office with his brilliant Halloween reboot in 2018, it looks like director Lars Klevberg is going back to horror roots of what made Chucky so scary to start with.

Child's Play 2019
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Tyler Burton Smith’s script is a retelling of the Child’s Play story instead of a shot-for-shot remake — hence the tech-savvy Buddi dolls. Klevberg is taking Child’s Play down a different route. Instead of serial killer Charles Lee Ray possessing the doll, Chucky will be an out of control robot. As the trailer shows, evil has had a bit of an upgrade.

Sadly, Chucky himself won’t be back. After appearing in every movie since the 1988 original, Brad Dourif won’t be voicing the demonic doll. Instead, someone new is taking the lead.

That being said, creator Don Mancini is continuing the Dourif franchise in a new TV series. It means there will be two Child’s Play universes, with one of them presumably coming out on top.

[Featured Image: United Artists Releasing]

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